Point State Park, Downtown Pittsburgh

An Abandoned Estate of Industrial Culture

An Abandoned Estate of Industrial Culture

The Floodplain of the Monongahela Recovers

From Industrial Struggles to Big Box Retail
Homestead, PA

Infrastructure and Ecosystem at Nine Mile Run

Changing Our Point of View, Video

This video tour, created by Bob Bingham with Cherokee Helicopter Service and editor Christina Hung, follows the Monongahela River from the Point, where Pittsburgh's three-rivers merge, to the culverted source of Nine Mile Run. The images graphically illustrate the lack of public access, the meaning of "brownfield" and the enormous opportunity that ecological restoration can bring to the decidedly barren post-industrial waterfronts of Pittsburgh.

Of our recently redeveloped waterfront public spaces, only three embrace the form and function (ecology and aesthetic) of a major river floodplain: the 18th Street Riverfront Park on the South Side, the Cultural Trustıs downtown park designed by Michael Van Valkenburg and Ann Hamilton, and the edge treatment of the new Alcoa Corporate headquarters.

The 18th Street Riverfront Park is the only official point of public access on the Monongahela riverfront.

Bob Bingham, Producer
Christina Hung, Editor

Nine Mile Run Greenway Project
STUDIO for Creative Inquiry
Carnegie Mellon University