QTVR Footage From Wood Street Galleries Installation

QuickTime VR (QTVR) is a way to display panoramic photography in a "viewer" mode where users can zoom in, zoom out and pan a large panoramic photograph with proper aspect. Users are "in" the image at a fixed location.

QuickTime VR requires versions of QuickTime later than 4.0 -- if you want the plugin, you can get it from Apple.

Project assistant Herb Gilliland has created a series of QuickTime VR movies which are available to view:

Contemprary Post-Industrial Floor (1.73mb)
Photo by Herb Gilliland

History/Industrial Floor (1.74mb)
Photo by Herb Gilliland

Old Nine Mile Run Valley
[circa 1920] (592kb)

Photo Courtesy Archives of Industrial Society, Frick Museum

Slag in Spring (380kb)
Photo by Katherine Hunninen

Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA
Outside the Wood St Gallery (248kb)
Photo by Herb Gilliland