Ample Opportunity: A Community Dialogue

In 1997, the NMR-GP team endeavored to generate an informed public conversation regarding Nine Mile, a brownfield site in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania being developed into a mix of housing and public greenway.  Brownfield development is routinely the domain of engineers, economists and public policy analysts who work to dissolve the brownfield "problem." Alternatively, this artist-lead team regards brownfield development as opportunities rather than problems.  Considering brownfields as the legacy of the industrial revolution, a cultural event that effectively privitized America's urban rivers, streams and estuaries, the team approaches the work as the cultural reclamation of public use, value and aesthetics.

  1. Cover 
    1. Cover Page 
    2. Inside Cover 
  2. Introduction  (Remaining files Adobe Acrobat format)
    1. Prelude
    2. Introduction 
    3. Project Philosophy 
    4. Art, Science and Ecological Inquiry: The Case of 19th Century American Landscape Painting Kirk Savage, University of Pittsburgh
  3. History 
    1. Background Document
    2. Keynote Speech: J. Glen Eugster, Environmental Protection Agency
    3. Policy Panel
    4. History Panel
    5. Policy Panel Roundtable
    6. History Panel Roundtable
  4. Stream 
    1. Background Document 
    2. Keynote Speech: Ann Riley, Waterways Restoration Institute
    3. Regulation and Reality Roundtable
    4. Stream Ecology and the Urban Aesthetic Roundtable
    5. Stream Banks and Floodplains Roundtable
  5. Community And Ecology 
    1. Background Document
    2. Keynote Speech: John Oyler, Zinc Corperation of America
    3. Public Access and Habitat Roundtable
    4. Vegetation, Habitat and Environmental Education Roundtable
    5. Soil, Slag and Geology Roundtable
  6. Sustainable Open Space 
    1. Background Document
    2. Keynote Speech: Jack Ahern, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
    3. Roundtable One
    4. Roundtable Two
    5. Roundtable Three
  7. Analysis and Synthesis 
    1. Analysis and Synthesis
    2. Map of Lower Nine Mile Run Watershed
    3. Analysis of Discursive Relationships 1, 2
  8. Bibliography 
    1. Bibliography