Bob Bingham 
"I'm willing to bet 50 birch trees the Native Americans 
lived in this valley before the slag"  

A.K.A. Prof. Bigwitz 

Bob's Work 

Professor Bingham's projects explore the creation of site-specific installations for public places especially the urban built environment. The projects have evolved to address ecological and environmental issues. Informed by a given place/site/culture he strategically creates installations to suggest alternative ways of looking at a given context. 

Research includes incorporating systems of growth live plants and natural materials with mechanical and electronic devices within built environments. Photo voltaic systems are incorporated to power these devices. Through this combination of systems he addresses issues pertaining to a sustainable future where technology and nature exist in a symbiotic relationship. 

Currently his work has shifted to focus on the expanded landscape within the cityscape: public parks, gardens and building grounds. This research explores the 'event' of entering and moving through the natural environment with an emphasis on boundaries, traffic paths and invented natural elements that unfold with time. The primary intention is to create a situation for an aesthetic experience; a place to contemplate the relationship between the natural and built environment. 

Bingham's research also includes community based public art projects that involve working directly with local citizen groups to involve them as participants in the process of creating artistic venues. The research includes developing strategies for a dialogue between personal and public identity and beautifying public spaces for aesthetic inquiry.