Nine Mile Run Greenway Project Conversations in the Rust Belt: Brownfields into Greenways
Pittsburgh, PA

Pollution out, green spaces in

Community planners in Wilkinsburg are buzzing about a proposal that could beautify the borough while reducing the amount of pollutants that run into nearby Nine Mile Run, a stream that runs through Frick Park.

Pittburgh Tribune Review
By Daniel Reynolds

Nine Mile Run Watershed Association has a Website!

Established in 2001, the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association works to improve the watershed environment by supporting residents' efforts to increase green spaces, promoting lot level solutions to stormwater problems, providing citizen trainting for urban ecological stewardship, and acting as an information clearinghouse about key watershed issues

Nine Mile Run Watershed Association

November 2002
Group works to restore stream in East End
Pittburgh Tribune Review
by Bill Zlatos
Environmentalists are determined to salvage Nine Mile Run
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
By Deborah Weisberg

July 2002

Nine Mile Run Greenway Project
exhibits in Cincinnati read more

May 2002

Nine Mile Run Watershed Management Plan
Watershed Managment Plan Directory

The projects at Nine Mile Run move ahead!
The Army Corp of Engineers ecosystems restoration project begins in summer 2001

Read the US Army Corp of Engineers:
Main Report and the
Environmental Restoration Report

The unifying theory of the Nine Mile Run Greenway Project is reclamation as an integrated ecosystem restoration that embraces the complex goal of "nature" in the context of contemporary urban culture. The latest issue of Society for Ecological Restoration  reflects this interdisciplinary complexity, "restoration practices which hold firm to ecological fidelity and embrace social and cultural goals are much more likely to prosper and endure."

Regina Gouger Miller Gallery

Wood Street Galleries

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Miller Gallery Exhibition
The Exhibition

From Jan 20 - March 3rd, 2000 in the Regina Gouger Miller Gallery at the Purnell Center of the Arts, Carnegie Mellon University.

Wood Street Galleries Exhibition
The last Community Dialogue
From July 10 - Aug 13, 1999
in the Wood Street Galleries, of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, in downtown Pittsburgh PA.

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